A good photograph can capture your home. A great photograph can sell your home. 

Everyone who searches for the best in “Orlando Real Estate Photography” knows this truth. Home staging isn’t some aesthetic exercise you do to attract potential buyers. It’s a proven way to add value to your property and get it off the market quickly. 

The vast majority of buyers consult a real estate agent to purchase a property. But the process has added new layers in the past few years. Most buyers also search online for homes before contacting a real estate agent. This calls for the need for experts in photography. 

The most trusted photographers won’t just take pictures or videos of your home. They will help you bring out your property’s best features and capture them accurately. This will give your listing a considerable advantage and allow it to stand apart from the clutter. 

But before we get to the best in Orlando real estate photography, their benefits, and how much they would cost, let’s first understand what we’re talking about. 

What is professional real estate photography?

Professional real estate photography involves taking accurate and value-added images of a property to aid in its sale. The primary objective of a real estate photographer would be to help the owner and real estate agent sell the house as quickly and effortlessly as possible by turning the property into an aspirational asset. 

As a genre of commercial photography, real estate photography requires category expertise and experience with specific equipment. When you seek the services of listing media professionals, you won’t be just getting photographs and videos of your property. You will be adding thousands of dollars to the asset’s value. 

The best photographers would have access to a comprehensive range of equipment, ranging from high-end digital cameras, tripods, drones, editing software, Matterport, etc. As a real estate agent or seller, you don’t have to worry about getting any of this expensive equipment. You would be able to digitally download all relevant files to be used in your listing media. 

With all the necessary multimedia components, your listing will have an edge over others. Instead of mere two-dimensional photographs, you can upload videos and make use of Zillow 3D and similar platforms. 

The importance of professional real estate photography

Close to 85% of buyers believe that real estate photos are helpful in their decision-making process. With professional photos, you can increase the visibility of your property by up to 61% when compared to those with non-professional images. 

According to a joint study between the National Association of Realtors and Google, 90% of potential buyers conduct online searches. The right photographs can help deliver the best possible first impression in the minds of buyers. No matter how compelling the property might be, if its visual representation isn’t of the finest quality, buyers would be hesitant to consider it.

But the most important statistic that every seller should pay attention to is this: Homes with professionally taken photos get a whopping 47 percent above their asking price. These homes also tend to get off the market 32% faster. These are the reasons why you should always consult with media professionals.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional?

These are the main advantages of hiring a professional to do your real estate photography. 

Professionals know the medium

Some people might think that they will be able to handle real estate photography because they’re used to taking photos with their smartphone cameras. This is how sellers end with unprofessional images that drag down their property value on sites like Zillow. 

Real estate photography is a different category that requires the services of a photography and media professional. They would have spent considerable time shooting and transforming images in their careers. They know that it’s an art that requires years to master. 

Professionals know not just the medium but also the requirements of the industry. From their extensive experience, they would know what kind of lighting, camera angles, post-production techniques, etc. would work well for what kind of homes. If you’re a seller, with a professional real estate photographer, you’re also getting insider information on the industry.

Professionals have the equipment

Ask anyone experienced in real estate photography and they will you that professional photography isn’t about megapixels on a camera. Even with the latest camera, you may not have other equipment needed to take captivating photos and videos. But a professional real estate photographer would have access to all necessary equipment.

Professional real estate photographers would have lighting equipment, which is necessary to lighten the darker parts of your property. This also makes your listing seem more transparent and attractive. They would even use drones to give aerial views of your property, which will add to its value. 

Well-known names in real estate photography would also have advanced lenses and software, which will help ensure that the final images look aspirational. At an individual level, you may have to give your raw files to a graphic designer or art director to make them look professional. 

Professionals deliver stunning images

As anyone used to professional photography would know, it’s an art that specializes in making the mundane look memorable. That’s something only trained and experienced photographers can deliver. They would know the right lighting setup, angles, and home staging to make ordinary spaces look extraordinary. 

Remember that your home’s videos and photos will compete with others in online marketplaces. Whether or not you’re satisfied with your images, they need to outshine others in your category, location, and price range. 

The investment you make in a professional real estate photographer will reap rich dividends. Your listing will stand out and your property would sell faster.

Professionals can manage the technical aspects

Most sellers are unaware of the best practices in listing a home. Professional photographers would know the intricate details that can make a listing stand out. They would plan and conduct the shoot with these requirements in mind. 

They will also manage the curating of the listing. As a seller, you wouldn’t have to worry about uploading your photos and videos. The professionals would also know everything about post-production.

Virtual tours are also becoming popular on platforms like Zillow 3D. Amateur photographers would struggle to create the right sequence of images to facilitate these virtual tours while professionals would be experienced in those. 

Professionals can add value to low-priced listings

If your house is listed in a low price range, photography and videography would matter even more. While most people assume that only luxury listings need professional photography, the truth is that low-priced properties also need it. 

Successfully selling a house within a given span and at the right value comes down to visual marketing. Real estate photographers can create a compelling brand out of a listing by highlighting its features and bringing to life several aspects that even the seller may not have thought of. 

Professional real estate photographers will know the nuances of home staging. They would be experts in what needs to be showcased and what can be avoided. All these help differentiate your house.

How do you find a reputable real estate photographer?

There are two ways to find an expert real estate photographer in Orlando. The first is to go through the websites of real estate agents and spot attractive listings. They might have credited the photographers on the website. Or, you can reach out and ask them. 

A more practical method is to search online and find specialists in local real estate photography. Check their portfolio and contact their past clients, if needed. It’s important to know whether they will handle everything about the photo shoot, from planning to post-production. 

How much does real estate photography cost?

Prices for real estate photography primarily depend on the size of the property and the image and video requirements. Some estimate that you will have to pay around $360 per hour for a real estate photographer. 

Considering our range of services and the value we deliver, DeVore Design offers some of the best prices . Our prices start at $175 and can go beyond $1,500 for luxury properties.

What is the turnaround time, and how is the media delivered?

At DeVore Design, our goal is to deliver professionally created photos and videos as quickly as possible. We deliver finished images the very next day, which enables you to list your property faster. 

We deliver media online for digital downloads and our customers can download a zip file that would contain all the media.

In conclusion

Going with the experts can make a massive difference to your listing. You can get more buyers interested and sell your property faster at the right price.