Video Content Production | $275+

Social Media Video Content Production

DeVore Design can help plan and produce video content to showcase your brand.  This service includes planning and strategizing the content you would like to deliver, field production and post production services.  We can plan a single video, or we can help plan a series of videos.  A dedicated cinematographer is assigned to the project, with a backup cinematographer selected to ensure availability.  Our field production includes professional cinematography and direction to ensure the best results.  Videos are edited at our production studio, and a draft is sent for customer review and edits.  The finished video is delivered in a downloadable format so it can be uploaded directly social media, YouTube and video distribution channels.  DeVore Design offers a full staff of professionals from start to finish to assist with your content production.

Additional Creative Services

Creative Consultion & Location Scouting:
Meet with our creative consultant to plan your video content strategy. This one-on-one brainstorming session is guaranteed to provide you with a clear strategy for your video content. We can also provide location scouting to help setup times at specific shoot locations.

Script Writing:
We will provide a script to help keep your videos entertaining and concise, ensuring you hit your audience with a clear message.

Field Direction:
A professional director can join you at your shoot to provide additional assistance during the filming process.  This is a great for professionals that aren’t totally comfortable on camera. This also helps ensure you reach your audience with your intended message.

$275 Per Video

  • 1 Filming Location Included
  • Aerial Video Included, As Needed/As Available
  • Up To 90 Minutes Field Production
  • Video Length May Vary
  • 1 Edit Included


  • +$125 Additional Locations
  • + $50 Transcription (Finished Video Transcribed To Text)
  • + $75 Additional Edits
  • + $325 Creative Consultation & Location Scouting
  • + $325 Script Writing
  • + $325 Field Direction


Field Production
& Editing







Video Production & Editing

Creative Consultation & Field Direction

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