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DeVore Design Luxury – What’s Included?

Photos – The DeVore Design Luxury service includes up to 50 photos including daytime, twilight and aerial photography.

Video Style – We use Hollywood-style cinematography to produce fast paced video that is captivating, engaging and results in more views. You will receive two videos, one full video and one trailer video.  Each includes a branded and unbranded version so you have a variety of options with your marketing strategy.

Trailer Video / Lead Generation – The trailer video is a shorter version of the full length video that we recommend using as a lead gen tool.  We provide a branded and unbranded version of the trailer video.  The unbranded trailer should be used on the MLS and at the end of the video it tells the viewer to contact their agent to see the full video, which we provide on a single property website.  We have approval from compliance at MFRMLS to put this CTA at the end of the video.  It isn’t a branded CTA, but our hope is that the viewer will want to see the full video and will either contact their buyer agent or the listing agent.  We upload the branded trailer video to Zillow.

Full Video – The full video is a longer format video that can be narrated to a written script you provide, or just music.  The full length video is provided both branded and unbranded so you can choose to use the media in whatever way fits your needs.  The full length video will be available on the dedicated single property website.

Syndication – The trailer video will be syndicated on Zillow, YouTube, Vimeo and throughout DeVore Design’s popular social media channels.  The purpose of the trailer video is to generate leads for the full length video.

Lead Generation Strategy – The trailer video includes a Call to Action at the end of the video telling the viewer to contact their agent to watch the full length video.  The viewer will then either contact the listing agent through their buyers agent, or will contact the listing agent directly.  We recommend distributing the trailer video throughout all social media and email campaigns to maximize the possibility of generating leads.  When a lead is generated the listing agent will provide the single property website address so the potential buyer can view the full video.  The full length video will be available on the branded single property website.

DeVore Design Luxury Video Examples

Full Video

Trailer Video

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