Occupied Staging | $150/$175

Occupied Staging
Preparing a home for listing is an arduous process, and we know that sellers don’t always have the time to prepare their homes.  DeVore Design alleviates this challenge with our Occupied Staging service.  This service consists of two components, the “initial consultation” and the “photo day follow up”.

Initial Consultation
Our Certified Home Stager visits your listing and creates a strategy for your sellers.  We evaluate the property and make recommendations to make the space as welcoming as possible.   DeVore Design takes away the negative conversation about preparing a home for listing.  We will leave your seller with notes to guide them through the preparation process.

Photo Day Follow Up
One hour before your scheduled photoshoot, our stager will arrive at the property to ensure it is photo ready.  This will help your sellers, while enabling you to create a lasting impression on your home sellers.

Initial Consultation


  • Meet at Listing
  • Accentuate Best Features
  • Downplay Drawbacks
  • Use Existing Furnishing & Décor
  • Create Spaces to Appeal to Buyers
  • Set Scenes, Vignettes, and Moods
  • Identify Areas That Will Affect Property Value

Photo Day Follow Up


  • Arrive 1 Hour Before Photographer
  • Ensure Property is Photo Ready
  • Fine Tune & Setup Each Space Perfect for Every Shot
  • Ensure Home is Beautiful From Every Angle
  • Attend to Last Minute Details
  • Attention to Lighting, Décor, & Furnishings

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