Social Media Content Management

Are you providing engaging content to your social media audience?  Do you have the time to curate content?  Do you know the best practices for posting content to social media channels?  DeVore Design can manage your social media channels by providing customized content, using proven strategies that will enhance your brand image and connect with your audience.  We will develop a personalized content strategy that will authentically represent your brand.

Basic Social Media Marketing $300/month

  • One Account (Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn)
  • 2-3 Posts Per Week
  • Customizable Content Curation
  • Personalized Strategy
  • Monthly Reports
  • + $180/Month for Each Additional Account

Daily Social Media Marketing $400/month

  • One Account (Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn)
  • Daily Posts
  • Customizable Content Curation
  • Personalized Strategy
  • Monthly Reports
  • + $240/Month for Each Additional Account


44% of buyers conduct online searches before starting their home search.

Buyers are increasingly turning to social media as a lead generation tool.


Up to 90% of prospective buyers found their home using a simple Google search.

Boost your SEO through consistent content and social media presence.

20x more likely to sell

<40% of buyers found the home they purchased online.

Agents are 20x more likely to sell a home by advertising online and developing a social media presence than traditional marketing services.

Social Media Advantage

Agents that utilize social media in their marketing services stay competitive, respond to clients faster, and make other agents look behind the times.

  • Still Graphics & Photos
  • Just Listed/Sold Posts (Within Post Limit Per Week)
  • Sharing Industry Content
  • 2-3 Monthly Blog Posts (Daily Plan Only
  • Still Graphics & Photos
  • Just Listed/Sold Posts (Within Post Limit Per Week)
  • IG Stories + Highlight Covers (Client Must Post Individually)
  • 2-3 Reels Per Month (Daily Plan Only, Client Must Post Individually)
  • Blog Posts
  • Sharing Industry Content
  • Videos
  • Templates for Connections & Messages
  • Still Graphics/Photos
Ad-On Options
  • Email Marketing Content
  • Custom Market Reports
  • TikTok Assistance

Generic/National/US Real Estate

General real estate news is important, while it may not directly showcase the area you specialize in, it shows trends around the nation and imporatnt news that may be good to know for buyers and sellers.

Local Real Estate

Local real estate content is directly targeting those interested in buying or selling in a smaller, more specific area or region. Sharing content based on market trends, new developments, and information about real estate in this area will directly reach your buyers and sellers.

Travel & Leisure

This content category pairs well with Local Business News as it gives new buyers ideas on things to do, places to go, and sights to see. Suggest local dining spots, beach getaways, and more!

DIY Home Improvement

Content under the DIY Home Improvement category is ideal for those preparing to sell their home and those who just closed on a fixer-upper. This content provides DIY project ideas, design trends, and tips for creating picture-perfect living spaces around the home.

Home & Garden

Home & Garden content goes hand-in-hand with DIY Home Improvement content. Share tips to create a backyard oasis, seasonal plants to decorate the home with, and ways to increase curb appeal.

Local Business News

Everyone always says “location, location, location.”

Content based on local business news gives the audience something to think about. This category spans news about a company bringing in a large amount of new jobs, a popular dining chain, even fun things happening close by.

Mortgage News

Buying a home is no small task, and mortgage rats fluctuate and vary. It can be very beneficial to share content around Mortgage News that can help those looking to buy a home.


This content category focuses largely on design. Whether you like modern or traditional building trends, this content carries to a large audience. Architecture content is ideal for targeting buyers looking to build a home.

Credit & Finance

Credit & Finance content expands on the Mortgage content category. It is important content to share with buyers and sellers navigating the real estate market.

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