What To Expect?

I filled out a shoot setup form... now what?
The first step to setup a shoot is to complete the Shoot Setup Form.  Once you complete this form you can call us or email us and we can discuss the shoot in more detail.

Shoot Timeline

  1. Select Media Package
  2. Complete Shoot Setup Form
  3. Confirm Schedule
  4. Sign Media Agreement
  5. Prepare Shot List
  6. Complete Shoot
  7. Post Production
  8. Implement Dedicated Website
  9. Email Client Login Info
  10. Listing Submission


We schedule shoots during regular daytime hours Monday through Friday excluding Federal Holidays.  We can accommodate weekend schedules for packages exceeding $300.  Twilight shoots are scheduled for the afternoon and evening.

Shot List

A shot list is prepared based on the MLS property description.  We will do our best to provide a shot list in advance as long as it is provided to us in a timely manner.  The shot list will ensure we photography and/or video all of the primary features of the property.  This eliminates the need for reshoots and ensures our clients and your clients are satisfied.

Dedicated Website

We will deliver your media (photos and/or videos) through the dedicated website assigned to the property.  Here is an example of a DeVore Design Dedicated Website – 123 Paradise Lane.

Listing Submission

Your real estate video and photos will be submitted to Zillow via Postlets.com.  We will build the listing submission, but some verification will be necessary to ensure the correct contact information is provided in the listing.

Delivery Date

We always try to have everything delivered within 1 to 2 business days.  We can usually email the photos sooner if necessary.  Otherwise, we will include a download link on the dedicated website.  If you have any special needs or expedited delivery please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.