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Ready to schedule a shoot?  First, select the media package the fits your needs.  Second, complete the Shoot Setup Form so we can evaluate your request and schedule your shoot.  Finally, we will email you a media contract that you can review and sign online.  It’s that easy!


Weather is an important factor when scheduling your real estate shoot.  In FL there are inherent challenges that are understood, especially in the summer time.  An afternoon thunderstorm can easily create the need to delay or postpone a shoot.  However, we ask that our clients check the weather prior to scheduling a shoot.  The weather forecast may help determine the best day or time for a shoot.  If weather is a concern we will contact you the morning of your shoot to discuss the situation.  Please feel free to use the forecast links below to evaluate weather conditions prior to scheduling your shoot.


Contracts associated with your account will be listed below after you receive your media contract email. Contact us if you are having any trouble.