Zillow 3D Home + Floorplan | $75 / $150


DeVore Design offers Zillow 3D Home Tours + Zillow Floorplans, providing an interactive 360° tour of the property along with a measured top down floorplan.  Users can interact with the tour and explore the main areas of the property, offering home shoppers a more robust understanding of a new home’s features and its layout.  DeVore Design provides 360° panos of the main areas of the property.  This service can be purchased as an add-on or as a stand-alone service.  Stand-alone pricing starts at $175.

  • Listings with Zillow 3D receive enhanced placement on Zillow and will receive more views than similar listings without the Zillow 3D Home Tour and Floorplan. 
  • Listings with Zillow 3D get special email pushes to home shoppers prompting them to view the listing.
  • Listings with Zillow 3D also get a special red 3D Tour badge that helps listings stand out on Zillow search maps.


0-4,000 Square Feet – $75 Add-On
4,000-6,000 Square Feet – $150 Add-On
Over 6,000 Square Feet – Surcharges Apply

  • Listings with Zillow 3D have 79% more saves. 79% 79%
  • Listings with Zillow 3D have 72% more shares. 72% 72%
  • Listings with Zillow 3D have 60% more views. 60% 60%
  • Listings with Zillow 3D are 10% more likely to go pending in 30-days. 10% 10%
  • 81% of buyers say they were more likely to visit a home that includes a floorplan. 81% 81%
  • 75% of sellers say a floorplan was a highly important characteristic of their listing. 75% 75%
  • 74% of buyers say dynamic floorplans help determine if a home is right. 74% 74%
  • 71% of sellers say they are more likely to hire an agent that includes virtual tours or interactive floorplans. 71% 71%
  • 69% of buyers say viewing a floor plan was very important in helping them buy a home. 69% 69%
Zillow 3D Home Visibility Statistics

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