Virtual Showing Video | $75 / $125

$75 Under 3K Sf / $125 Over 3K Sf / $125 Standalone

Branded & Unbranded Virtual Showing

We have a new virtual showing video tour that allows real estate agents to lead buyers through the property from the front door all the way through the property, all on video.  This is a casual video service designed to showcase the property with as much detail as possible.  This isn’t a cinematic video service, it’s intended to be an affordable, single take video, 3 to 5 minutes, walking the viewer through the entire home, front to back.  This video will also be uploaded to the Zillow platform to maximize exposure.  You’ll be provided with a download link so you can share the video through your own distribution channels, as well.  You can add this new virtual buyer video tour to any of our photo or video packages, and it can also be ordered as a standalone service.  You can combine this with Matterport 360 or Zillow 3D Home Tour for an even more immersive experience.

This is a low cost alternative to our more cinematic video offerings, and of course all of our cinematic video services are also still available.  Video, combined with Zillow 3D Home, offers a great way to showcase listings without the need for buyers to physically tour properties.

Guidelines for MLS Compliance

For the video to be MLS compliant the agent can not mention their name, brokerage or contact information.  And, the agent should not wear a name tag or have any branding on their clothing.  The agent can be in the video on the MLS and can talk about the property on camera.  The agent can have notes in hand, and the approach should be very casual.  If a mistake is made just correct the mistake and move on as if this was a life broadcast.  Have fun, don’t stress, this isn’t intended to be a Hollywood-style production.

A branded version of the video will be provided to Zillow, and will be available for download for distribution on social media such as IGTV, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

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