Community Media

According to recent studies, buyers want to see the surrounding community almost as much as the property itself.  DeVore Design’s Community Media add-on’s are available for most photoshoots.  These add-on’s are not available independently.

Community Aerial $75

Community Aerial is an affordable way to show potential buyers the surrounding community. Community aerial includes a single aerial flight with 3 to 5 photos above a community or neighborhood.  This service is recommended for communities with clubhouses and parks that are best observed from above.

Community Photos $125

This service includes 3 to 5 ground photos from within the community, and can include community pools, clubhouse, tennis courts, etc.  Community Photos allow buyers to see a close up view of community amenities.  The photographer must be personally escorted for this service.

Community Video $125

This service will integrate community video into your finished real estate presentation.  This service includes 3 to 5 video clips and can include interior amenities such as clubhouse, fitness center, tennis courts, etc.  The photographer must be personally escorted for this service.

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