Email Offers Biggest Returns for Real Estate Marketing

Email Offers Biggest Returns for Real Estate Marketing

by DeVore Design, July 13, 2020

ActivePipe report: Email provides the greatest return on investment, “returning $42 for every $1 spent,” in comparison to other marketing channels.

A new report by real estate marketing firm ActivePipe examines different marketing channels, finding that email provides the greatest return on investment, “returning $42 for every $1 spent.”

The report comes as the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the economy and disrupting in-person interactions. The report notes that social media platforms can help “communicate en-masse and stay top of-mind for people who are in real estate mode,” but also “offers diminishing returns for those without a defined strategy or valuable content to share.”

In addition, the report says pay-per-click marketing “quickly gets your name out there,” but is also costly.

Regarding email, the report acknowledges it takes time, but “allows you to get your message in the inbox of people who have already decided that they want to hear from you. Every email interaction is trackable, and this information gives agents clarity on where to focus their time.”

The report adds, “With the information gathered, email systems can classify your prospects into more targeted audience segments.” Agents should focus their marketing investment to “consider extracting value from the leads that they already have,” the report advises.

Mike Feller, ActivePipe’s chief revenue officer, observes that during the coronavirus pandemic, agents need to be authentic and humane with their marketing.

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