Work-Life Balance: Be the Expert, Not an Employee

Work-Life Balance: Be the Expert, Not an Employee

by DeVore Design, June 13, 2020

Some Realtors promise to hold hands and answer calls 24/7, but to achieve work-life balance, sell them on your abilities and marketing system rather than your time.

Real estate agents need to consider elevating their client experiences while also creating a work-life balance they can sustain.

Rather than focusing on selling their own hands-on skills or personality to prospective clients, which establishes the expectation that they will be personally involved in everything, agents should consider selling their systems. Action plans or workflows are the systems your agency has in place that makes it successful no matter who in the office is delivering the service.

Experts say this can set the stage for increasing your business and your profitability. For each activity type, like an email or phone call, agents should map out the proper steps for completing that activity in a timely manner.

For example, the action plan should outline if the agency staff’s ability to complete a task depends on the completion of another task, then that activity should be listed in the proper order. If you need feedback from a buyer before calling a seller, record that in the “From” column. Each activity should be assigned to a list of positions – not specific people. If there are specific scripts for certain activities, those should be listed as well.

Agencies also need to have a plan for monitoring workflows to ensure things stay on track.

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