How to Arrange Furniture When Moving to a New Home

How to Arrange Furniture When Moving to a New Home

by DeVore Design, September 25, 2019
Moving to a new home is both exciting and troublesome. For years we don’t change our furniture from the way we first arrange it. This is why it’s crucial to arrange it properly when we first move in.

Since it’s a new space, you might have to go through a lot of trial and error. Your furniture once belonged to another house. To make the very same items work for another space will be difficult.

You might have to throw out some things and buy new items. Remember that this is a new house. It will not be the same as your old one. Now that you have a great opportunity to start fresh, don’t waste it.

Plan it out Before Moving

We often make the mistake of moving in and then deciding to arrange the furniture. This results in no-rest weekends, bad positioning and sometimes awkward placements.

Give your new place a visit right after it is completely cleared out. Walk around and decide on what you want to do with the space.

Don’t forget to visualize. In our minds, we often have some ideas as to what to do with our new place.

It is vital to take measurements of each room so that you know exactly how much space you have. Measure your large furniture pieces. This way you will know exactly what you are bringing into which space.

Use an App

An important step of pre-planning is visualization. Sometimes the blueprint of your place will be available. Pay a visit to the land registrar’s office. If it is not there, it might be with the old homeowners or the developer.

Alas, if all else fails, what are the alternatives? Don’t worry, you’ve not hit a brick wall. There are many apps and online tools that can help you.

This is where the measurements you took will come in handy. With apps like Room Planner, Home Design, etc, you can design and arrange your new space in no time.

With free online sites like BH&G Arrange-A-Room & Free Online Room Planner, you can plan out your space with ease.

Remember to Leave Space for Movements

We often stub a toe or hit an elbow while walking inside our houses. We often blame it on our own clumsiness. You’d be surprised to find that on most occasions, it is not even our fault.

Poor furniture arrangement and cluttering are the ones to blame. It is essential to leave space for movements.

Figuring out your walking paths inside the house requires planning. What are your entry points? Which paths do you need clear to access parts of the room?

You must arrange your furniture focused on the important areas and traffic stream. By successfully doing so you make your space more functional and save your toe from becoming collateral damage.

Give Yourself a Few Weeks for Trial and Error

We can wait for the moving period to end. We hastily arrange our furniture in whatever way it works and get on with our lives. Let’s try not to do that.

There are two main points to keep in mind while organizing our furniture: functionality and aesthetics. We must find a design that fulfills both the conditions.

The very first order of things may not be the best. Try and see if it is working for you. If not, find a weekend and rearrange things. After trying out some arrangements, you will figure out what works best for you.

This trial and error period is crucial for making the most of your belongings.

Consider Living Like a Minimalist

Us humans are such hoarders. We love keeping meaningless mementos and useless furniture and appliances. Don’t become a victim of nostalgia.

Give away or throw out things you do not need. Don’t be afraid, you will probably not even remember it in a few days. Unless a useless item has a lot of emotional value, don’t keep it. It will only clutter your house.

While decorating, less is more. If you go on to Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of examples of a minimalistic lifestyle. Aesthetically, such arrangements are so pleasing.

You don’t need an extra couch or a thousand art pieces to make your house classy. Think of items you need for daily functions and use them to make a statement.

Find the Right Tools

Find the tools that you will require during moving in before you move in. It is often difficult to put up a painting or to drill in a shelf when you don’t have the right tools to begin with. Making a thousand runs to the hardware store will only delay the process.

Sit down and think about all the tools you’ll need. If you already have them in your house, bring them together and put them in a box.

When moving to a new place, people take it as an opportunity to build new things. For those who love building shelves, cabinets, etc, get a set of building tools. Find the right drill or blade set you are comfortable with.

Try Out Feng Shui

If you want to put your belongings in an arrangement that is harmonious with your outer environment, try Feng Shui. It is a system of Chinese laws regarding spatial arrangement to bring in positive energy to your home.

For example, decluttering is also a part of Feng Shui. So, is putting decoratives that make your guests stop after they enter the threshold to take in the environment.

According to the laws of Feng Shui, how you live can directly affect your life.

For example, it might make you feel suffocated or stuck. Hence, by following the guidelines you can create a more efficient and comfortable living environment for yourself.


Moving into a new house gives you an opportunity to express yourself differently. Instead of just existing inside your own house, find an arrangement that makes coming home more welcoming.

Don’t be afraid to try out a new way of living. You don’t always have to buy new things to make your space visually pleasing. Rearranging your old items in a new way can give you a brand new home.

Arrange your house in a way that brings in the positive vibe and gives you an excuse to come home.

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