Benefits of Granite Countertops

Benefits of Granite Countertops

by DeVore Design, September 16, 2019

With so many modern kitchens switching to granite countertops, just what are the benefits of granite countertops? Granite countertops are now found in most establishments from luxury rooms in high-end hotels, suites, doctors’ offices, break rooms in retail stores, apartments and residential homes all over the country. Most home remodels are installing granite countertops not only for aesthetics but also for the utility and functionality that this hardy material provides. The following are some of the reasons to install these trendy countertops.

Add Value to the Home

Since granite is a trendy and modern material, it is a highly sought after countertop material that will increase the value of the home. Moreover, unlike other materials such as wood, it happens to be eco-friendly which is something a lot of modern buyers value. To add to that granite has been around for a few years and has not yet lost its appeal. This makes it a classic and trendy material that will provide a good return on the investment if you ever want to sell. You can also add granite has backsplash to improve your kitchen.

Highly Durable

There are many types of stone-based countertops out there but there are not many that are as hardy or as durable as granite countertops. When it has been properly installed by a professional, a granite countertop may last for a lifetime. It will not chip or crack and is resistant to scratching and staining. Since they are so hard they will also take to heat well without getting any kind of damage. While it is not recommended to place your hot pans on the granite countertop, if you forget and do so, there will be no serious damage such as what you will get with wood, laminate or other materials.

Retains its Natural Look for Years

Granite is an eco-friendly material that once installed will retain its natural look for years as compared to softer materials such as wood which have to be replaced every few years. The cut and polished granite rock comes with a high sheen that is as natural as it can get. The natural speckled, marbled, and basic patterns of granite countertops will never fade away even after you have been using the kitchen for years.

Resistant to Dirt and Bacteria

Granite is not an organic material such as wood or laminate which can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. As an inorganic material, water, food, and other liquid spills will not seep into it making it very easy to clean and keep free of bacteria. The perfectly sealed, flat and smooth surface makes it easy to clean up every spill and mess leaving your countertops hygienic and safe.

Easy to Fix and maintain

Even if the granite countertop got scratched or chipped it is very easy to fix. For instance, if a cast iron pan fell onto the countertop and left an unsightly chip, all you need to do is get a professional to repair or replace the tile that got a chip. Professionals can not only replace a chipped tile but can also fill up holes in the countertop with a putty matching the colors of your countertop and then resealing it and it will be as good as new.

Family Friendly

Children love to help out in the kitchen but they do not have steady hands and could be prone to spilling sauces, soups and other liquids on your countertop. Unlike organic or softer countertops, granite can take all the spilling without any damage. Older family members can also forget and place hot pans on the countertop, or the cat may jump on the counter and you do not have to worry that it will get damaged.

Increased Functionality

Granite countertops improve the functionality of the kitchen countertop given that they are perfectly flat. This makes them a good place to roll out your dough for kneading bread or making cookies. This makes them perfect for the homemaker, the culinary artist who takes cooking as a hobby or the professional chef or baker.


Granite is not cheap and may even be the most expensive item when you are looking to remodel your kitchen. Nonetheless, the benefits of granite countertops far outmatch those of anything else you may want to install or renovate in the kitchen. They are highly durable, improve utility and function, are easy to fix and maintain, and increase the value of the home in case you want to sell. This makes granite countertop more of an investment in your house rather than a vanity purchase.

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