10 Gifts for Party Hosts, Clever-ized

10 Gifts for Party Hosts, Clever-ized

by DeVore Design, December 3, 2018

Buying a gift for the party host is inevitably a last-minute mad dash, right? You end up grabbing whatever flowers are available at the corner store, despite the fact that they’re mid-wilt, or, in especially dire circumstances, you re-gift something from home. Fine, you’re at least showing up with something, but now your poor host has yet another random item to care for and/or shove in an already bursting closet. We’re calling it: It’s time to rethink these half-assed gifts so you can actually feel good about handing over your present and, more important, your host will feel genuinely appreciated. Read on for our Clever spins on the most classic host gifts.

white book with photos of flowers on it
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Swap flowers for . . .

An encyclopedic book of 400 flowers organized by color, which will brighten up their coffee table for much longer than a bouquet. SHOP NOWFlower Color Guide by Michael and Darroch Putnam, $35, amazon.com

small, shiny chrome brush and tray
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy

Swap a set of tea towels for . . .

A crumb catcher that makes cleaning up after you easier and doubles as bookshelf decor. SHOP NOW: Vintage Chrome Crumb Catcher from Alegria Collection, $35, etsy.com

white speckled ceramic soap dish with spout on bottom
Photo: Courtesy of Love Adorned

Swap scented soap for . . .

A ceramic soap dish with a genius built-in drainer to keep the bar they already bulk-order in good shape. SHOP NOW: White Soap Dish with Drain by Love Adorned, $35, loveadorned.com

jar of purple jam with graphic text label
Photo: Courtesy of The Primary Essentials

Swap olive oil for . . .

A jar of jam made of “Jolly Rancher tasting plums” from cool-girl eatery Sqirl in Los Angeles, for a delicious breakfast the morning after the soirée. SHOP NOW: Elephant Heart Plum Jam by Sqirl, $14, theprimaryessentials.com

bundles of sage, "go sage yourself" white lighters, and white cards that say "go sage yourself"
Photo: Courtesy of Sunday Forever

Swap a candle for . . .

A bundle of California white sage (plus a lighter!) for clearing out any bad vibes after everyone leaves for the night. SHOP NOW: Sage + Lighter Set by Sunday Forever, $18, sundayforever.com

Swap the cheese knives for . . .

The chicest grater we’ve ever seen—from Japan, obviously—that works for cheese and veggies and citrus. SHOP NOW: Stainless Steel Grater by Morihata, $64, needsupply.com

set of five cookie cutters shaped like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Leaning Tower of Piza, and Sydney Opera House
Photo: Courtesy of Phil Goods

Swap the chocolates for . . .

Cookie cutters in the form of architectural landmarks, to help satisfy their sweet tooth all year. SHOP NOW: World Edition Cookie Cutter Set by Phil Goods, €20 (ships to USA), phil-goods.com

butter knife with slits to capture cold butter on top
Photo: Courtesy of MoMA Store

Swap the cocktail shaker for . . .

The little knife they didn’t know they desperately needed, which makes spreading cold butter on soft bread a cinch. SHOP NOW: Butterup Knife by Sacha Pantschenko, Craig Andrews, and Norman Oliveria, $20, store.moma.org

silvery, shimmery round trivet with pieces of colorful abalone inlaid in it
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy

Swap the coasters for . . .

A shimmery abalone trivet, an immediate necessity, since a feast is being set out on the table (lucky you). SHOP NOW: Vintage Abalone Resin Trivet from McBean Home Vintage, $32, etsy.com

cobalt blue stainless steel water bottle with maroon and yellow top
Photo: Courtesy of Nannie Inez

Swap the wine for . . .

A cheery water bottle to help nurse the inevitable post-party hangover. SHOP NOW: Sowden Bottle in Blue by Hay, $35, nannieinez.com

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