The first game of the NFL's preseason was reportedly canceled after paint on the field hardened 'like cement'

by DeVore Design, August 8, 2016

Mike Lawrie/Getty

The NFL was almost back.

On Sunday, the league was reportedly forced to cancel its Hall of Fame game between the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts due to field conditions.

According to ESPN, paint on the midfield logo and in the end zones hardened, with a Packers player saying it was “like cement.”

A Colts source told ESPN, “The paint on the logo won’t allow a cleat to penetrate it. A definite hazard to player safety.”

It may be a disappointment for fans who are starved for NFL action after the long offseason, but players and coaches surely won’t mind. With preseason injuries already a source of controversy in the NFL, any serious injury occurring in a ceremonial preseason game would look even worse.

It’s unclear if the NFL will cancel the game entirely or reschedule it. NFL preseason begins Thursday.

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