A ‘Man of Steel’ sequel is happening whether you want it or not

by DeVore Design, August 8, 2016

Warner Bros. knows what the people want… Warner Bros.

“Suicide Squad” opened last weekend to truly awful reviews, and DC is now zero for three when it comes to making a good superhero movie. So naturally the studio behind them just announced that they’re going to make a sequel to “Man of Steel.”

The 2013 Superman flick was the first entry into the current DC Cinematic Universe, and although the title character reappeared in “Batman v Superman” earlier this summer, Warner Bros. hadn’t announced a solo sequel until today, according to The Wrap

It’s unclear what the “Man of Steel” sequel’s release date will be since DC’s schedule is pretty full at the moment. Wonder Woman” and “Justice League” will come out in June and November of next year, respectively, while “Aquaman” will hit theaters in July of 2018. There’s also supposed to be a Batman solo film helmed by Ben Affleck at some point.

Superman, we should note, is currently dead in the film’s continuity. We expect he’ll come back to life in time for his sophomore solo effort. Maybe he’ll even have more than 43 lines this time around.